Prague – city where time has stopped

Imagine being at a place where the first sight brings in the feeling of magic all around. Where you feel nostalgic because it seems that city is still in renaissance. Where few sights make you think was every Disney movie shot here? After Barcelona, my next halt was Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic . A jewel in central Europe, I was looking forward to see Christmas decorations, tinkling of bells, markets, carols, celebration and laughter. πŸ™‚ I was ecstatic as I did my first ever sky dive on the previous day. From Barcelona, we took 1.5 hr flight to reach Prague on Christmas eve.

This was my first trip to this beautiful city but still I had the feeling that I have seen it before and know everything that a first time visitor would know. How? Check out this awesome Honest Guide channel on YouTube. Prague based journalist has made video on every topic, magical sights of city, currency exchange, Dos and Dont’s, public transport. So before heading to Europe from India; I knew quite a bit about weather, delicacies/drinks which I was waiting to try, places where I should head to convert euro to local currency.

From the airport, I took city bus as suggested by Honest Guide. After comfortable 15 -16 Celsius/ 59 – 61 Fahrenheit temperature in Spain, it was time for cold waves of Europe. I was wrapped head to toe in multiple layers. The airport bus was cruising through the bends and turns then came the view I was waiting to see, top view of red-tiled houses. On the way there were few parks and although it was December end; the grass was lush green and everything looked so surreal. I could not get down to feel the slow cold breeze on my face. After the bus we boarded a tram connecting to our hotel. The smooth roads turned into the famous cobbled streets and vintage trams was gliding in middle of these streets. I was like a kid looking through the windows on both sides anticipating the below view and Christmas decoration. Here the tram was passing through a bridge over Vltava river. It just made my day πŸ™‚

It was 4 PM when the tram stopped, it was coldddd outside, we had a quick check-in at the hotel. It was a cloudy day there and as I moved the window curtains in room, there was the first sight of Christmas decoration right across the street.

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