Trip to Northeast India: Why it was needed?

It was monsoon of 2010, I had just moved to Pune. Life was awesome. One afternoon when it was drizzling outside, looking at the water pouring down the glass of the office building, conversation began with a teammate over our list of places to visit and things we want to do across the globe. Out of nowhere both of us stuck at the idea of exploring North-East India. We were fascinated by the thought of exploring the most unheard corner of the country.

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur; 8 states off which I always had the difficulty remembering the capital cities in geography when I was in school.

The first picture that I had of this region was from this iconic video

No one in my circle had ever been there so I had the luxury of putting imagination into work and paint my picture. Most of the potions in this picture were in different shades of green and blue as all I knew was that this corner is lush green with mountainous terrain.

Time flew away, I never really tried to turn my picture into reality but still I had this inner desire to visit this unknown territory. In Mar-2013 my childhood buddy posted photographs on Facebook of her trip to Meghalaya. Whoa!! I was immensely happy to see those pics not only because the destination was in my To Do list but also as it was covered by my one of the all time favourite person. It was summer of 2015, I was well paid at my corporate job in IT sector. Something had been bothering me in office for quite some time now and one fine day I decided to quit and raise resignation request in the system. Although at that moment I did not have an offer from any other organisation but I felt light inside. As if a burden has lifted off my head. I told my supervisor and he immediately backed me for my decision to move on. Till date I’m thankful to him for not trying to stop me by giving reasons which he himself did not believe in.

Sometimes we need fantasy to survive the reality

A part of me desperately wanted to go on a long holiday, far away from digital world. I spoke to my buddies and told them that after I’m done with the notice period, I want to take a break and travel somewhere far. One of them who was this teammate of mine with whom I discussed the prospect of travelling to North-East 5 years ago immediately agreed to come along. As the notice period was due to end in July 2015, we decided to go for the trip in first week of August. India is a vast country, personally I believe that even if you take a break of 1 week every year and visit 1 state in that period, still it’s not possible to cover it fully. We narrowed down to the idea that in 1 week’s time we’ll try to cover any 1 state in north-east. I was super excited just at the thought of going on this expedition. I left the entire planning on the shoulders of this long time friend.

Couple of days later, we realized that destination had to be changed. Why?? Since our trip was due in August which is season for monsoon and north-east corner receives some of the heaviest rainfall in the country. Also due to mountainous terrain, it’s prone to landslides during that time. So there was a possibility that on our way to sightseeing, we might get trapped due to weather conditions.

So our destination changed to Rajasthan. A blog on that trip is definitely DUE 🙂 And the wait continues…

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